About Us

Woof-Woof to you and your four-legged friend!
I am the founder of Paws Off The Table along with my co-chef Prince. Prince and I enjoy quality time trying new recipes. 
I became a dog chef after I decided to change my own lifestyle. In a short time, I became very concerned with the quality of foods I was feeding Prince. On Saturday mornings, Prince and I would take walks downtown visiting local pet stores. Being health conscious I found myself reading labels searching for “organic” dog treats that I felt confident in Prince consuming. 
I started researching foods in my pantry that could be less risky and provide health benefits for Prince. That’s when Prince and I began our journey and started creating recipes. What makes our treats unique is they are homemade with the highest quality ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. Each batch of treats are incredibly fresh and made with love. In the short time customers have raved about the quality, freshness, and deliciousness of our treats. But don’t take our word for it, give us a try and share your Paws Off The Table experience. 
Mission: Feel good about what you are feeding your four legged friend; so good that you will eat them too!