Monthly Munchies

Monthly Munchies


Monthly treats, wether you are already a fan of our treats and want them on regular delivery, or are trying Paws Off The Table for the first time, our Monthly Treat subscription box is a great way to ensure you do not run out of treats. 

Purchase the box once, or subscribe and save 20%.

When you sign up for a subscription, each month you'll get an order of Sweet Potato Sticks, small jar of A-Paw-Sauce, and a signature treat of the month.

Subscriptions: You will be charged at the time of purchase. If you sign up prior to the 15th, you will receive the current month's box. If you sing up later than the 15th, you will receive the next month's box as soon as it ships. Regular recurring charges will process on the 1st of each month. Boxes ship during the first week of each month. 

For Single Box Purchase: You will receive your order once processed.